UC Berkeley student finds Affordable Apartment

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We couldn't show you the actual apartment for safety reasons. Or we could, but we were too lazy to take a picture of one, so here's a stock photo. (Source)

               Berkeley Sophomore manages to find inexpensive apartment

Last week, sophomore Jacqueline Broma managed to sign the contract on a 2000 sq. foot single apartment for just $600 a month. Broma’s apartment came complete with running water, toilet, microwave, and the luxury of a refrigerator. Broma decided to move in immediately.

After only 4 days of searching, Broma managed to score the surprisingly affordable $600 apartment, beating out the 20 or so applicants on the waiting list who all kindly congratulated her on her amazing find. Broma’s apartment is currently situated in a neighborhood where crime is virtually nonexistent and the streets are safe to walk around in at night.

Adding to serendipity of her situation was the fact that her apartment was not owned by one of the many shady slumlords in the Berkeley area, and was in fact owned by a nice older lady who did gardening, acro yoga, and baked Broma cookies in her spare time.

    To top off her amazing week, Broma also managed to walk down Sproul today without being handed a single flyer.

  To top off her amazing week, Broma also managed to walk down Sproul today without being handed a single flyer. Instead, Broma was handed samples from groups that were looking to tweak their recipe for a bake sale that they were having later that week.

In addition, Broma also managed to do exceedingly well on the CS 70 midterm this week, getting an A on the midterm without the use of a curve. Instead of putting her down for causing everyone else to fail, her friends later congratulated her for being so studious and serving as an inspiration to them. During the test, Broma was even considerate enough to provide tissues to those quietly sobbing around her.

Afterwards, Broma was able to go off to Memorial Glade to pet Corgis to her heart’s content.

Though Broma now currently commutes to Berkeley from LA, she is doing her best to make it work.

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Burr K. Lee is a Berkeley student that enjoys using satire to draw issues to attention on campus. During his spare time, Lee enjoys working as a Burr-lesque dancer.

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