social justice


Women’s march participants happily watch Super Bowl without a shred of conscience

Just a couple weeks after thousands of women took to the streets in protest of systemic injustice, approximately way too many of those women proceeded to cheerfully watch this year’s Super Bowl. Casting aside their iconically binary pussy hats, women everywhere settled down for an enjoyable afternoon of condoning white…


Hero student adds frame to Facebook profile picture, single handedly ends racism

 In the face of an increasingly racist and bigoted society, one student activist has decided to risk everything in her fight for social justice. UC Berkeley junior Tessa White recently made a bold statement by adding a frame to her Facebook profile picture. The powerful words “Stand Against Racism,” emblazoned…


Kingpin welcomes record sales from Free Speech Week police force

Though members of the Berkeley community have expressed discomfort towards the unprecedented numbers of police officers swarming the area, Kingpin Donuts has reportedly embraced this new demographic. Ever since Ben Sharpie came to grace the campus with his presence, Kingpin employees have been working nonstop to fill orders for vigilant…